Album ‘Little Ships in Open G’ is out now!

The album ‘Little Ships in Open G’ is now available.

All songs on this album are more or less inspired on the song ‘Prayer in open D’ by Emmylou Harris. The song is from her album ‘Cowgirl’s Prayer’ and it is one of the most beautiful songs I know. Listening to the song and trying to figure out how to play it I discovered that my guitar could be tuned differently. I never use a book or the internet to unravel a song so I ended up tuning my guitar in open G. I started inventing chords in this new tuning and writing new songs in Open G.

The songs are about love, about imagined fear of someone leaving you,  the amazement of someone staying, about the beauty of nature and the question why we treat the earth so carelessly, about a date with Tea & Coffee and about understanding that when going up you will eventually go down, but you don’t have to be afraid. You might hear the influence of Jackson Browne, James Taylor and Steve Earle.

I call my songs my little ships and I send them out to sea, hoping the sound waves will resonate.


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18 juni – Zomerzinnen in Amen – 17.15 optreden Deel Wamelts, Amen 58 – 19.45 optreden openluchtpodium parkeerplaats achter Amer – – Met John Hekert op lapsteel gitaar.



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22 mei – Lente Middag – Taalwerkplaats Drenthe – Zijtak OZ 66 Nieuw Amsterdam – 14.00 – 16.00 uur

15 februari – Een wagen vol verhalen – Serge Epskamp vertelt het verhaal van het liedje De Olde Hut van zijn cd OER op TV Gelderland – TV Gelderland 18.20 uur


10 april – CD tot de macht 2 – Klein Paradiso Echten –

5 mei – MeppelVrij Festival Meppel – Flyer

8 mei – Radio optreden Odrie – Aan tafel met…. samen met Ruud Fieten

27 juni – Radio Optreden RPL Woerden met Ruud Fieten

12 juli – KUNA festival met Ria Westerhuis & Friends vanaf 14.00 uur

18 juli – Stellingwarfs Muziekfestival

9 augustus – 2 op 2 – met Renee Luth en Serge Epskamp – vanaf  14.00 uur Xapoe Weiersloop 1 Asssen

13 december – Muziek bij de Buren – 1e Kruisstraat 9 Deventer –  13.00-17.30 uur

29 december – Delia’s Drive –Streekradio De Wolden – 104,8 FM – 19.00 – 20.00 uur





Bacon Fat Louis is a Trinity of ‘Hot Stomping Slide Cigar Box Blues’.

My Alter Ego Hokey Bellamore plays Blues Harp, Keys & Vocals.

My brothers in crime are Bo Hudson (Vocal and cigar box guitar) and Sandy Slim Sticks (Drums).

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Casco Songs is my music production facility.

It is a nice and cosy studio for singer-songwriters.

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